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Getting started

What this is

This site is a gimick to enhance my CV:

  1. A living CV
  2. An overview of my public portfolio
  3. Documentation on an interactive command line tool

How to use the site

The site is split into sections that mimic traditional software documentation.

BasicsCVThe markdown version of my 2024 CV
ExamplesPortfolioAn overview of my public projects. What I've done, what's coming next, technologies used and lessons learnt
APIrwc docsThe documentation for the CLI tool

How to use the CLI

richard-webb-cli (rwc) is a tool written in JavaScript for use at the command line. It returns markdown information based on its parameters, but you can also email me through it.


Some familiarity with Node and the command line is assumed here. Skip to the CV, or projects if you're not interested in this part.

If you never want to forget about Richard Webb, install it globally.

npm install -g richard-webb-cli
rwc --help
@rwebb2305/cli --help
richard-webb-cli --help

Alternatively, install into a project

npm init -y
npm install richard-webb-cli
rwc --help

Or, install it only to your cache

npx richard-webb-cli --help

CC-BY-ND Licensed